This interdisciplinary and international Virtual Symposium on “Supporting the Sons & Daughters of Foster Parents: Integrating Research and Practice Wisdom” is dedicated entirely to the biological and adopted children of foster parents.

Sons and daughters of foster parents are valuable members of the fostering team. Growing up in families with foster children, as do the sons/daughters, has many benefits and rewards. The most endearing and powerful element of fostering for sons/daughters tends to emerge through the relationships developed with their foster siblings. While there are challenges to being a member of a foster family, for the most part, sons/daughters are able to surmount these difficulties by becoming more kind, empathetic, knowledgeable, and compassionate members within their families and communities.

Registered guests will have full access to all symposium materials from February 20th - February 24th
Participate in moderated discussions with your peers February 20th 9am-5pm EST.
Selected presentations and resources will be available to the public for one year after the conference date.

It's thorough, it's useful, and it's fun!

This Virtual Symposium is hosted by Jason Brown and Sarah Serbinski. They will guide you through the conference in short video clips that introduce each of the presenters and their workshops, link information learned, and direct you to discussion boards to continue the dialogue.  Each workshop has three main objectives.

The presenters will share:


An Informative Presentation

to learn more about sons/daughters


A List of Resources

to continue your learning

Exhibit Hall

Creative Activities

to support sons/daughters within your personal or professional roles

We will be exploring...

There were so many great ideas to explore about how to support sons/daughters. We selected a few key topic areas to start the dialogue.

  • research on sons/daughters
  • concrete ways to supporting sons/daughters
  • next steps in research and practice to advancing our knowledge to support sons/daughters 

Mary-Lynne Snedden